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The golden age for me is actually now.

But I remember when I started. It was 6 months after MineCraft came out, the game wasn't that exciting back then, but there was something magical about running around in a sandbox game filled with lego blocks you just had to mine out.
At that time I went to a school to educate myself as a programmer. And this was where I was presented to MineCraft. We had tasks and in my group, and we had a couple of weeks where we were ahead of our tasks, and since we we...

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The server has now been running for 3 months and players have arrived. Shops are built by players in the trading town, TradeVille. Here you will find everything from the local fishmonger, to the fast food shop, McChicken. You can also buy weapons and tools that have been upgraded.

In short, in TradeVille you will find everything you need to get started.

Right now we are about 6-12 players during the day, and at night we have 2-3 players.
There are more people coming to our discord server where people talk while playing.
We are super proud of the small community we have established in just 3 months.

We have als...

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What is World Of Wizards Online ?
The answer is out there, and it's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to. 
Unfortunately, no one can be told what World Of Wizards is.
You have to see it for yourself.

1. Behave Nice
2. No Racism
3. No Sexual Content
4. ...

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