It’s on again in about 1hour   ! Second up in the MVR label series is Static Corn ! Podcast 02 

Hedonismus Business !

-= About the artist !
Static Corn is an old minimal psytrance project from around 1999-2007 by Piv Klit, with one release on Cosmic Conspiracy Records – The Lurker in 2006, and countless tracks on the internet for free. It was respawned in 2015 after he played his chill-out project at a festival in Sweden, the music at the festival was such an inspiration that he rebooted the project in a faster version, but still in the old Static Corn style. A live act got testet at a party in february 2016 and Filt from Mighty Vibration Records asked him if he could make an EP from the live set, so here it is. Static Corn – Reboot