Upcoming debut EP release from GrotToS

Mighty New’z ! 
– Upcoming debut EP release from the almost yet unborn Deep-Minimal-Psy project “GrotToS” ! The brilliant being behind the project is Felipe Ramosaka. Gargolium !

GrotToS “SC” Profile – https://soundcloud.com/grottosmusic

– We have had a little clean up in our artist rooster, changed a few inactive members out with new active one’s  
1 new DarkPsy/Psycore Dj and 1 new Live Act that operates mainly in the lower bpm range around DMT(Dark Minimal Techno) & DarkProg  ! Both of them is super passionate about their work, and have helped to push artists out and into the limelight through the work they do for our culture “outside” of their studios ! 
Proper introduction to both of the projects will come during this week 

One thing i could say without spoiling too much – BOTH OF THEM ARE GERMAN  Ooooh shiiit 

Freak’adelic’ly Your’s // Mighty Vibrations Records