Freaky G is also known as Kim Duelund, based in Denmark. When he was a child, he listened to a lot of Jean Michel Jarre’s tracks that was the beginning for his love of electronic music. 
As soon as he became old enough to go into clubs, he went to the local nightclub called, “Metroen”, which was very popular for its House/Trance events. The magical experiences with beautiful music he encountered there inspired him to start mixing.
He bought his first dj equipment at the age of 20. Throughout the years his taste has developed into Goatrance and Psychedelic Trance, then he particulary enjoys Forest and Dark psytrance currently.
His involvement in psytrance scene is deep and extensive as a psytrance dj for many years, participating at a number of events in Denmark and abroad.

He has also been spinning a variety of psychedelic music on psyradio channels, such as Greenlineradio (NL), Triplag radio (IR) and Babaganoush Radio (Ger).
He has a unique style of djing, which will take you on an inner journey into darker realms of one’s mind. He will take you to the edge and further, then he leads you the way to the light again. That’s his idea about djing to give people a visionary experience with diverse emotions. Deep, twisted, and morphing forest/dark psy tracks are tastefully hand-picked, each of them has the story or feeling he’s searching for and wanting to share with you: nature, chaos, darkness, light…and he then mixes it all into a beautiful story without abruption, keeps you in the trance for the whole duration of his set.

Styles i play : Proggressive Psytrance, Psygressive, Forest Psytrance, Dark Psytrance and Chill Out.