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Behind the decks in this project We have Marc Hansen! (aka.Marc Maniac/Gollu)

Marc interest for the music started in the summer of 2005 when He attented His first psytrance festival in Germany, called VuuV Experience. This was like a hole new world, with different cultures, and music so powerful it could open doors to other dimensions…!

Because of this great experience, Marc gets more and more involved in the danish psy scene, and starts Dj´ing in 2006. He soon gets his first job, and are still going strong today!

Dj Goll has played at the biggest events in Denmark, but also attended indoor + open air events all over Europe.

His style is mainly forest, but he also plays dark progressive and psytrance! He is known for catching the feeling within the crowd, and allways puts on a show behind the decks… This gives You the perfect groove on the dancefloor!!!

Keep It Dark!