In 2009 he was presented with psychedelic music, the interest in this genre of came from his older brother Rene “Gompa Nubra” Along with a close friend of him, “Dj Cordyceps”, who invited him to do a vs set with him at his first gig in Aarhus,Denmark.
He`s brother already introduced him to the forest scene, when he was at the age of 12 .. A new and exciting world for NagaKavu.
You can say, that this kind of music , changed his life. 
In 2016 he was signed by the Record label “Mighty Vibration Records”,in Denmark.

“For now I find joy in doing Dj stuff, and mostly dark forest in higher bpm`s!
Next step is producing my own sounds, Groovy & Wide, with a Deep atmosphere.. 
A little side project is cooking right at this moment, together with my girlfriend. She also plays Forest, under the artist name “Djane Wiccas”
Our project is called “Voks” and will soon be online here on soundcloud”.